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Driving environmental change in the event industry since 1999.

We offer high quality sound solutions powered by the sun and by the public for events, as well as educational tools to introduce sustainability to the public through original energetic experiences. Our all-in-one ...solution is suitable for any type of event: festival, conference, sport, private events and more!

Our system are connected to a powerful sound system powered by solar panels and bike generators that can cover up to 500 people. For larger scale events and festivals, we also offer additional modules that can power stages for up to 1500 people. Since 1999, Solar Sound System has become a reference in the fight against polluting events and has helped several hundred organizers to reduce their carbon footprint.

The systems are powered by two renewable energy in presence:
- The Sun, in most cases and consistently.
- The Public, pedaling on bikes equipped with generators.

/ About Us

We help Israeli event organizers to:

1: Lower the carbon impact at their events Our systems are powered by 100% renewable energy and are designed to consume up to 10 time less electricity ...than other standard sound solutions (for equivalent setup) without compromising the sound quality.

2: Raise awareness of their community Our solutions include fun and interactive activations that raise engagement of the guests. We aim to teach the public about the ease of renewable energy use, and to encourage them to explore alternative options for a greener lifestyle.

With 20 years of experience and more than 500 events, SolarSoundSystem is a model for the future of events. The presence of several systems in more than 5 countries creates a huge positive impact on the environment by not using electricity coming from the already outdated and old-fashioned fossil fuels. Many artists and labels support and cooperate with the organization: Ninja Tune, Cadenza records, Mental Groove, Sayag Jazz Machine, Martina Topley Bird.

/ Technology ~ our systems

Solar Tricycle

Solar Tricycle

Up to 500 people
Autonomy: up to 10 hours
Option: 2x Bicycles dynamo for extra power
All included: Dj + Installation + Technician

Solar Generator

Solar Generator

Up to 1500 people
Capacity of 15 000 Watts
Solar Panels 6 500 Watts
All included: Installation + Technician

/ Our Values

SolarSoundSystem SustainabilityECOLOGICAL & SUSTAINABLE

Powered solely by the sun or your energy, we are respectful towards the environment. Our systems have a very low carbon footprint. Totally Off-grid, they don’t need any source of electricity.
The energy that you save is the energy that you don’t use!

Innovative & CreativeInnovative & Creative

We are mixing low-tech with high-tech technologies for the best of the two worlds.
Thanks to our designs, participants can enjoy music with 100% sustainable energy generated equipment.
More than 500 events worldwide, and still counting!

Powerful & Hi-FiPowerful & Hi-Fi

A lot of back-testing and optimization has been made in order to provide the best audio quality and power as possible, this, solely from sun power.
SolarSoundSystem aims also to bridge the gap between renewable energies with high-end and powerful sound systems.

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      Our sound-systems are not more expensive than regular ones. They use much less electricity to provide the same, if not a better sound system. Read More


      We are part of the solution regarding the widespread adoption of clean and environmentally friendly technologies as well as industrial procedures. Read More

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      Guy Elhadad
      Guy ElhadadCFO & Business Development
      Cedric Carles
      Cédric CarlesGlobal Founder & Eco-Designer
      Rubens Benchimol
      Rubens BenchimolIL Founder / CEO & CTO

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